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 (50-minute session)

Relationships are the source of our greatest joys and deepest pains. We desperately seek connection with others while simultaneously struggling with the wounds that have been inflicted over the years. 

The results of this internal split are often prolonged relationship challenges, recurring conflicts, depression, anxiety, and a profound sense of aloneness. 

You might feel like the spark of love has gone out or that you can’t trust yourself or your partner. You feel disconnected and dissatisfied. You might feel frustrated by your unsuccessful attempts to communicate and be understood. Sex is unsatisfying or undesired and you question the future of your relationship.

Carli works with both monogamous couples and consensual non-monogamous relationships helping with:

  • Experience more trust and emotional intimacy

  • Decrease fighting and use inevitable conflict as an opportunity for growth and understanding

  • Restore affection

  • Communicate effectively

  • Feel mutually seen, heard, and loved

  • Have more pleasurable, connected, and nourishing sex than ever before

  • Experience more play and fun 

  • Cope with life and relationship stressors in healthy ways

  • Have a greater sense of self and self-acceptance

**I do not accept insurance at this time. My practice operates on a private-pay basis to ensure privacy and confidentiality for my clients. All major credit cards and HSA are accepted and payment is due at the end of each session. Clients can also verify if their insurance company provides out-of-network reimbursement via a Superbill.

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